!! NEW !! OPAC 4.0b package

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!! NEW !! OPAC 4.0b package

This is the updated Version 4.0b of OPAC containing nonspherical mineral particles.

--> opac_40b.tar.gz

The general contents and structure of OPAC have not been changed. You may therefore rely on the dataset description and installation instructions of the previous version OPAC 3.1.

If you want to install the new version 4.0b together with the previous version 3.1a, you may copy it to the existing directories. The Fortran program and the mineral particle data files have names differing from the previous version. Thus, you can use both versions in parallel.

Regarding the changes in description of desert aerosol, please consult the paper on OPAC 4.0 at ACP:

--> OPAC40_ACP (PDF)