COP(E) packages

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COP(E) packages

We calculated a large amount of single scattering properties of hexagonal ice crystals with help of a ray tracing model. Part of these data is available here. We created two packages, each containing data for single crystals of different sizes, calculated for different wavelengths, together with a FORTRAN code, which allows mixing of these data of single particles to those of size distributions, i.e. clouds of ice crystals.

  • --> COP contains scattering functions of randomly oriented hexagonal columns and plates in the size range from 2 µm to 2000 µm at 31 wavelengths between 0.28 µm and 3.7 µm. This data set is described in:

    Hess, Michael and Matthias Wiegner (1994): COP:a data library of optical properties of hexagonal ice crystals, Appl. Opt., 33, 7740-7746.

  • --> COPE contains the six independent scattering matrix elements of randomly oriented perfect and imperfect hexagonal columns in the size range from 2 µm to 2000 µm at 5 wavelengths of the ATSR-2 instrument.

    The new version COPE 2.0 contains the same data as the original one, but calculated with higher accuracy (10 times more rays in ray tracing), resulting in considerably smoother curves. A description of the package contents and of installation and use can be found in the -->COPE forum.

    The data are described in:

    Hess, M., R.B.A. Koelemeijer, and P. Stammes (1998): Scattering matrices of imperfect hexagonal ice crystals, J. Quant. Spectros. Radiat. Transfer, 60, 301-308.